Piyush Verma

Data Scientist, Recovering Runner


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Hello - नमस्ते - Hola - 你好!!

I am Piyush, a data analytics professional. Recently in August 2018 I finished my masters in Business Analytics from Carl H Lindner School of Business at the University of Cincinnati, Ohio. At UC I have taken courses in Machine Learning, Statistical Modelling, Probability Models, Statistical Methods, Process Simulation and Optimization among many others. I was successful in boosting my statistical knowledge, getting more hands-on with tools-techniques-algorithms and exposure to myriad of analytics practices.

Before enrolling in my masters in 2017, I have worked as a Data Analyst for a Sydney based management consulting firm called Quantium Analytics from 2014 to 2017. I worked on generating competitive intelligence insights for an insurance client and supported a supermarket client in revamping their $500 million loyalty rewards program. This experience acted as the launch pad for my career into data science. I have worked in India, Australia and now looking forward for a career in US.

I have completed my undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) - Kharagpur in 2014.

I still think of solving a problem (when I was working towards my bachelor thesis) on determining the proprotion of different crystal structures (FCC, BCC, HCP or amorphous) in a metallic glass manufactured by quenching molten alloy of different chemical compositions. That alloy had possible applications in high performing golf clubs and space shuttles!!!!!